She asserted that Robin didn't discuss brand new Phoenix EC so you're able to the lady

She asserted that Robin didn't discuss brand new Phoenix EC so you're able to the lady

Basic, Gary indicated concern about eliminating brand new report linking Khattab in order to Container Filled

Susan advised the latest OIG that she asked Martin and you can Robin if or not brand new FBI had any pointers demonstrating anyone are sending men and women to the usa having flight training, however, you to definitely she try told no. Martin informed the fresh OIG he don't recall such concern off Susan. Robin and additionally told brand new OIG one Susan never ever lifted brand new dilemma of whether or not Middle Easterners were trained in U.S. airline universities.

We requested Susan whether or not she had take a look at the Phoenix EC due to the fact September 11 and you will whether it might have produced a distinction to the lady view about the Moussaoui FISA request. Susan mentioned that she very first investigate Phoenix EC months after Sep eleven. She said that when the she had browse the Phoenix EC in the enough time, she would was indeed worried sufficient from the Moussaoui to take the latest matter so you can an enthusiastic OIPR attorney's appeal. Considering Susan, she both entitled OIPR attorneys “to bounce some thing off” him or her, in place of delivering over an official FISA demand, and you may create inquire further “in which do you think we are?” Susan added that the Moussaoui circumstances still will have had “a comparable overseas electricity products” but your Phoenix EC would have “influenced” the lady.

However, she asserted that if the she had see clearly through to the meeting with Martin and you can Robin, it could not have altered her opinion concerning Moussaoui FISA demand

Susan plus advised the new OIG you to definitely she wasn't alert during the girl meeting with Martin and Robin one the fresh new Minneapolis FBI had wishing a long EC regarding the Moussaoui circumstances. She stated that she considered that happening “is developing” as the she talked so you can Martin and you may Robin and that she did perhaps not realize documents got waiting. (więcej…)